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Besides lots of fun and lovely people, there is something more that binds us at De Leidsche Flesch; that is our passion for physics, astronomy, mathematics or computer science. This is where the symposium comes into play. It will be a fantastic opportunity to enrich our mind scientifically at a beautiful site in Leiden and look further than the formulas, graphs and code in books and on computers which keep us busy all day.

Together with other students, professors and staff members you will participate in a day filled with interesting lectures and special speakers. Because this symposium is in honour of the 100th anniversary of our study association, the lectures are even more interesting and the speakers exceptional.

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The lunch is included. At the end of the day there is the possibility to enjoy dinner together in the Snellius-building, on site we ask a little financial contribution. (max. 5 euros)

Physics/astronomy or Mathematics/computer science

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The Nederlandse Natuurkunde Vereniging (Physical Society) sponsors De Leidsche Flesch with a contribution per NNV-member attending this free activity. If you are a member of the NNV, please enter your membership number below. Are you a member of the NNV?