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What exactly is De Leidsche Flesch? What does it try to accomplish and how does it try to do so?

De Leidsche Flesch is the study association of the studies Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics and Computer Science. The main goals of the De Leidsche Flesch are to contribute to the interaction between its members and the scientific community and to contribute to the interaction between its members themselves. It tries to realize these goals by organizing a wide range of activities, like (lunch) lectures, excursions and study trips. Besides that, it also plans parties, quiz nights and just regular drinks. It also tries to acquaint its members with the possibilities one has after completing his or her study: besides orienting on the possibilities of performing research it also acquaints its members with the business world through lectures by or visits to companies.

For its freshmen, De Leidsche Flesch organizes a freshmen weekend at the start of the academic year. This weekend offers freshmen the opportunity to meet each other and learn about the association. The freshmen weekend takes place after the first two weeks of college.

Furthermore, De Leidsche Flesch offers its members the opportunity of organizing activities themselves, by joining a committee or a guild. Look at the possibilities by clicking on ‘Committees’ or ‘Guilds’ in the menu above.


Another important feature of De Leidsche Flesch are our Book Sales. De Leidsche Flesch sells books twice a year, during which each member can order their study books with a considerable discount. You can order your books easily online. Go to for more information.

Sign up

Do you want to become a member of De Leidsche Flesch? As a bachelor student, you pay a one-time fee of 35 euros and as master student you pay a one-time fee of only 5 euros. You’ll easily recoup this by ordering books a single time.  Go to  to sign up now!