Laatst bewerkt: 23 October 2019

DevOps Engineer

Job description

As a DevOps engineer, you’ll get to build the systems that power our products. You’ll be maintaining the tools we provide to our programmers, customers and open source contributors. Your work will lay the backbone for our development and you’ll make decisions with a significant impact on summitto.

We want you to excel, which is why we can offer you to:

  • never get bored! We develop bleeding-edge technology, but don't tolerate bullshit
  • have a large influence on the direction of summitto
  • earn a competitive salary with stock options
  • get access to the latest and best equipment
  • experience rapid technical and personal development
  • work with us in Amsterdam, a fun and always vibrant city!

Here’s a little taste of your challenge, you will help:

  • automate everything that can be automated
  • set up monitoring tools
  • improve our continuous integration and testing process
  • resolve network-level issues
  • facilitate large scale integrations

We are an ambitious team, looking for new talented engineers to positively impact millions of lives. Come revolutionize the European economy!

About our software

You'll be delighted to find that the software we write is all about elegant and modern C++. We have a clear set of principles to handle this versatile language. We also use Golang and Python for certain web services and for our testing suite. We use the best tools for the job, and when those involve different languages and frameworks, we don't shy away from the challenge.

When it comes to libraries, we make use of a modest set of well-vetted names. Boost is essential to us, and we use e.g., Boost.asio for networking. Libsodium is our essential cryptographic toolkit. And even though we have an extensive self-built testing infrastructure, we see the strengths of the GTest testsuite for our unit tests, which run after every build.


We're looking for engineers who:

  • are full-time available
  • live in a Unix shell
  • have good knowledge of networking (TCP/IP, VPNs, Firewalls)
  • can deliver high quality code in either C++, Go or Python
  • have experience setting up CI systems
  • have experience with containerization (Docker)
  • want to change the world for the better by developing open source software