De Leidsche Flesch: 100-year anniversary
Study association for Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics and Computer Science since 1923
De Leidsche Flesch is celebrating their 20th Lustrum this year. This is certainly a milestone and that is why the lustrum edition of the Symposium of De Leidsche Flesch will be organized with the appropriate theme “Captivated in time”. Time is not only present in our everyday lives, but also in almost all angles of science studies. Every study has its own way of approaching time. One looks at the concept of time from a relativistic point of view, while the other works with different time scales. At a unique location in the center of Leiden, Scheltema, we will have the opportunity to be scientifically enriched by means of interesting lectures given by inspiring speakers. One of the speakers will be youtube-famous Dr. James Grime from the YouTube channel Numberphile! This is just one of more than ten inspiring speakers. Everyone is welcome to this symposium. So no time to lose! You can register via this link. Also follow us on instagram for more updates at @symposium_dlf.

In addition to the symposium on February 15, we will organize another symposium, especially for children from groups 6 to 8 who are interested in beta studies. Study representatives will come up with puzzles and activities that will help us warm up our target audience for the future. With this we hope to children inspire us for our exact sciences and that they will later also choose an education in exact sciences. A day like this, of course, has a few things to expenses. Consider, for example, the location or material that will be used during the activities. To keep this afternoon free, we are dependent on external sponsorship. Every little bit helps, so if you want to contribute, you can read everything back on our crowdfunding!

The symposium committee consists of Paulien, Elanor, Jochem, Suzanne, Dante and Wouter.