Book Sale De Leidsche Flesch autumn 2018/2019

The new academic year is imminent and that means new courses with new books. You can order these books in the webshop from now on! When you order your books before September 18, 2018, you get a 10% discount on Dutch books. After this, the discount for Dutch books will be 5%. All books will be delivered to your home this year.

To order, go to: Use your Flesch account to log in. If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password via In the webshop you need another personal account to pay and complete your order. If you have an account from last year, you can of course use it.

If you want to return a book or something went wrong with the delivery, please contact Studystore via You will receive an answer within one working day. If you no longer use your old textbooks, you can sell them to Studystore. Look for this at:

For further questions you can always mail to:


On the 2nd of July, our summertimetable will be held. The Flesschekamer will be open on thursday only from 13:00 till 17:00.

At thursday the 5th of July, the FK will be closed because of the excursion to the Escher musea.