Book Sale Semester 2

The second semester is about to begin, which means you need new study books. Starting now, our book sale is online!

Click here to reach our webshop.

You get to see exactly which books you need, and as a member you can order at a significant discount.

Open committees

Do you feel a great void in your life that cannot be filled simply by studying? Would you like to do something else from time to time, such as setting up a fun activity for all your fellow flesschers? Then you are lucky, because we still have a number of nice committees that you can do! You can help organize an SNiC conference, and we are also looking for members for the Members Weekend Committee, Dies Committee and Parent's Day Committee. Ask the board for more information!

Guides for OWL needed

Friday 10 January

Friday 10 January

For the faculty morning of the Orientation Week Leiden (Wednesday 29 January) we're looking for a few students to show around the new master students. The tour will take roughly an hour, from 12h to 13h, going around the Gorleaus and Snellius buildings and our board room. The tour has to be in English, and you don't need to be a master student yourself!

Please contact me at if you are willing to give a tour, and tell me which study you do!

Summer vacation with DLF?

The last few years a DLF vacation was organised. Are you interested in organising a vacation? Make sure to come by the board so we can look at the possibilities!

Job market

Tuesday 4 February

Tuesday 4 February

Are you preparing for the job market? Hunting for goodies? Or do you just want to expand your LinkedIn network? Come to the job market on Tuesday the 4th of Februari from 18.00h in the FooBar. Here you can get to know some companies while enjoying a drink. If you participate in this event you can enjoy our buffet for free!

Party: CEO's and office hoes

Thursday 6 February

Thursday 6 February

Thursday, the 6th of February it is time to party! A good opportunity to recover from all the exam-stress. Did it not go well? Maybe you should consider common civilian life. Even if your exams went well, still common civilian work life is approaching fast. The office-life that comes with that is quite different from your student life. To help you with that transition, the Party Committee organises: CEO's and Office Hoes.
So put on your office outfit and we will see how civilized this party will be...
The Party takes place 6 February in COC de Kroon. Tickets will be €1,50 if you buy them in advance and €4,00 when you buy them at the door. The party starts at 22:00 and the doors close at 01:00.
Ticket can be bought in the Flesschekamer (Board room).

JeuCie Chess and Klaverjas Tournament

Thursday 13 February

Thursday 13 February

Do you think you can become a new grandmaster in chess? Or are you seeking fame as a a klaverjas champion? Then you should come and show your tactical genius at the Chess and Klaverjas Tournament on Thursday february 13 in the Foobar. There will be dinner by the KookCie for no more than €3. You can sign up as a team of two (for klaverjas) or alone (for chess) on the list next to the FK or by sending a mail to Note: you can’t sign up for both tournaments! If you don’t know how to play chess or klaverjas, you are welcome to practice at the practice evening on Thursday february 6.


Friday 21 February

Friday 21 February

Be part of Mission2026! This unique event offers Leiden University students the chance to design a long-term strategy for their own university. Will all our canteens be vegan in 2026? Will all our first-years take a compulsory course in programming by then? You tell us.

Take up the challenge and sign up for Mission2026 via the website (! At the end of the day, we will have constructed a strategic plan entirely written by students, that will help shape the university’s new strategic plan for 2021-2026. All students of Leiden University are welcome, regardless of their study programme or previous involvement with university.

De Leidsche Flesch Symposium

Wednesday 25 March

Wednesday 25 March

Sneak peak of the week!
Every week we will place another abstract in this mail, so keep reading if you are interested!

On March 25th De Leidsche Flesch organises a grand symposium on the subject 'life'. Speakers from all over the Netherlands will talk about life from a fundamental perspective. Want to know more? Go to our website!

Frontiers of Nanotechnology: single atoms and single molecules
Jan van Ruitenbeek (Leiden University)
Nanotechnology has great prospects of advancing technical capabilities to levels that go far beyond the technology of today. We can learn from Nature that machines at the scale of molecules can, in principle, be produced. Actually assembling useful machines is still a formidable challenge. However, important steps have already been taken, and research requires the integration of many disciplines: physics, chemistry, materials science, biology, information science, and more. I will present a few examples of experiments and techniques that have been developed, although this account will be colored by the perspective of my own research work. This will show that we have learned how to understand and how to control properties of matter down to the level of individual atoms and individual molecules.

After-exam drinks

If you come to the FooBar during after-exam drink, you get the first drink on us if you had an exam in the period before. The perfect moment to celebrate if it went well, or to drown your sorrows if you didn't do so well. In the coming period, we have after-exam drinks on monday 27 january and tuesday 4 february.

Hand in your Exams

Please aid us in making our exam database as complete as possible. Hand in your exams' question sheets in exchange for a cookie!

Exam schedule

During the exam period, the FK will be open from 9:45 until 17:30 every day. The opening times will be back to normal starting Monday February 3rd.

Students as Partners

Friday 10 January

Friday 10 January

Ever thought things could go better and faster at the University? Good news: this means you have an opinion and your experience makes you an expert. The StAP project needs people just like you. Students as Partners is a project in which you, the student, can propose and execute your own innovation idea to improve the learning experience, not just for yourself but for the whole university. You will find all the information you need about what exactly this entails and how to join in on these pages.

Casimir research school

Friday 7 February

Friday 7 February

Apply now for the Delft/Leiden Casimir Research School Open Days, a two-day program on 12 and 13 March 2020 for talented MSc students who are looking for a PhD position in Physics or Biophysics

During the Open Days you will:

  • Meet our internationally renowned professors and learn about their latest discoveries,
  • Have the opportunity to visit our state-of-the art laboratories, and of course you will
  • Get to know our PhD students to hear what it is like to work as a junior researcher in Leiden or Delft.

Interested students can apply online at:

Registration deadline, also for the travel grants, is 7 February