Book sale semester 1

The first semester is about to begin, which means you need new study books. Starting now, our book sale is online!

Click here to reach our webshop.

You get to see exactly which books you need, and as a member you can order at a significant discount.

Open Door Day

Thursday 29 September

On the first day of the Week against Loneliness (Thursday September 29) the doors of teachers and study advisors are both symbolically and literally open for you.

We start this academic year in contact with each other physically in our buildings. Time to meet each other and get to know each other (better). Come visit your study advisor or meet that one teacher that you may have never seen in person on September 29. You can also come visit if you have a question or need advice.

Of course, this is also possible after September 29 and hopefully you know to find us the rest of the year as well. See you at the Open Door Day!

Fleschtival early bird ticket sale started

Saturday 22 April

The 20th lustrum year of DLF in full swing, with a lot of great activities. You should definitely enjoy these, but also look forward to the rest of the year. We organise a Fleschtival on Saturday the 22nd of April 2023 with the theme Time Loop, Repeat the Past Beat, in honour of our 100-year anniversary, which is an experience you don’t want to miss! So mark the date, go to our website and buy your early bird ticket for only €15!

Would you like to help us with the organisation during, before and/or after the Fleschtival? Sign up as a crew member via In that case, you do NOT have to buy a ticket, as you get a crew shirt and free entrance to the Flestival as a thank you for your effort!

If you have any questions or comments you can contact us via


Lustrum mailing
De Leidsche Flesch is 100 years old! Not quite yet, but the lustrum is coming. The committee is working on several great activities. Do you want to stay informed of the latest updates from the lustrum committee and provide input to the committee? Then take a look from time to time on!

Social media
You can follow the Lustrum Committee on Instagram and LinkedIn! Besides this, you can share your lustrum ideas on the Padlet of the committee, that would be nice.

The Board - Anna Sofie

Hi everyone! I am Anna Sofie, better known as Anfie, and next year I will be the Commissioner of Internal Affairs. I started studying Astronomy two years ago, and despite the fact that I won't study a lot this year, you will still see me around in the lecture halls now and then. You will find me more often in the FK, our cosy board room, or in the FooBar, where you can always talk to me! Are you motivated to organise activities, do you want to learn more about working together, or do you just want to do something fun aside from studying? Then you are at the right place. I'd love to tell you about all of our committees and guilds. Don't hesitate to come to the Committee Interest Lunch on September 27 (with free lunch!) to see what you can do within De Leidsche Flesch. See you there!

De Leidsche Flesch Master's Promo Group

This is the master activity DLF Whatsapp group! In this group the board and Master's committee will send updates for master activities. If you don't want to miss anything related to master students join the group! You can join the group using the link here.

Cleaning of the FK and mug board

Monday and Tuesday after the First Years Weekend, September 26 and 27, the Flesschekamer is closed for cleaning. When the doors of this magical room open again on Wednesday September 28, you can come claim a place on the famous mug board! The board has a meeting in the morning, so you can come find a spot from the break at 12:45.

Lustrum Merch

After a great opening of the lustrum year and the reveal of our lustrum beer, we will continue celebrating our great lustrum! No better way to do this, then emptying your bank account to buy some MERCH.

Well, luckily the Lustrum Committee has made a nice merch list. Here you can buy nice stuff like your own lustrum hoodie, beer glass or bottle opener! You can also buy more lustrum beer here!

Be quick, as the first merch list closes on October 16!

There will be a second round of merch. If you have any fun ideas, you can tell us on the merch form. 

The Board - Jaap Laging

Hey everyone! My name is Jaap and I will be the Secretary and System Administrator of De Leidsche Flesch. I started studying Astronomy five years ago and started the master programme last year. Next year I won't be spending a lot of time studying, as I will be busy with my board tasks, such as writing this weekly mailing! Aside from writing the weekly mailing I am also the guild master of the ICT Guild, which holds monthly ICT evenings where we spend time improving our website and other systems. In the other evenings I won't be in the Flesschekamer often. Instead, you can find me in the FooBar, both at and behind the bar! Do you have a fun suggestion for the weekly mailing, are you interested in the ICT Guild, or do you wonder what it is like to bartend? Then you can come to me!