Book Sale Semester 1

The year has begun and maybe you discovered that you're still missing some books, but: Don't worry! The book sale is still online. As a member of De Leidsche Flesch, you can order books at a significant discount, and our webshop has all the books ordered by study programme, so you can order all you need with only a few clicks. 

Click here!

IRL activities

From now on we may organize physical activities again within certain guidelines. This is great news, of course, but we do want to  you mention a few important things:

  • All activities must comply with the RIVM guidelines: keep 1.5 meters distance at all times and everyone with symptoms will stay at home. The board will make sure that these rules are enforced.
  • For now, we will not allow alcohol at physical activities and request you not to consume alcohol before an activity. This is because we expect it to be very difficult to enforce the 1.5 meter rule if those present are tipsy or drunk. We intend to relax this rule slowly, so check the conditions for each activity by asking the board.
  • For now, the possibilities for physical activities are still limited. For many activities we are currently still evaluating whether it is responsable to have them. Please do not ask questions about the status of specific activities; we do what we can and as soon as we are sure that something can occur, you can read it in the weekmail!

Borrel at Next

Monday 21 September

Monday 21 September

There will be a borrel again! It wil take place at the Next (Langebrug 9a) on the 21th of September, from 17:00 to 19:00. During the borrel you'll have a fixed seat and there'll be a limited amount of alcohol. Due to limited capacity, a maximum of 20 people can go to the borrel, so register now!

Picnic Picnic

Tuesday 29 September

Tuesday 29 September

On Tuesday the 29th of September there will be a free picnic provided by the company Picnic, so it is a Picnic Picnic :) There will also be someone from the company to tell a little about Picnic, so that's actually really useful! We will start at 13:00 in Park Landskroon, the sign-up deadline is on the 28th of September!!

National Procam Pubquiz

Thursday 1 October

Thursday 1 October

Procam is organising a national online pubquiz with already more than 10 associations. The winning association wins a pingpong table with the association logo on it! We will make teams in the discord of Procam to discuss during the pubquiz. We are allowed to enter the pubquiz with 5 teams of unlimited size, so let all your friends know about the pubquiz! You will be able to sign up via the site of Procam.

The more the merrier!

Online Inhouseday Flow Traders

Wednesday 7 October

Wednesday 7 October

Flow Traders is a company that uses algorithms to quote bid- and askprices of Exchange Traded Products (ETP's) to provide liquidity to the exchangemarket. If you read this sentence and think "I still don't understand what I just read" or "I would like to know more about this" you can come to the online inhouse day of Flow Traders! You will learn about the development process of software from Flow Traders and you will get a feel for this profession with a programming game. The online inhouseday will happen on 7 Oktober from 13:00 till 16:00 and will be completely free! Sign up via!

Corona buddy system

For (international) students who are in need of support while in self-isolation, the university has developed a corona buddy system. To learn more about the services that corona buddies provide or to apply for a buddy, please visit the website of Leiden University.

As a reminder

Do not come to the University if

  • you have any health symptoms that could indicate coronavirus. Stay at home and make an appointment with the GGD for a test: 0800-1202. If you also have shortness of breath and/or a fever, all the members of your household must stay at home and get tested too.
  • you have recently returned from a country with an orange or yellow travel advisory in which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises a ten-day quarantine. You must not come to the University during these ten days.