Book Sale Semester 1

The first semester of the new academic year is right around the corner, which means you need new study books. Starting now, our book sale is online!

Click here to reach our webshop.

You get to see exactly which books you need, and as a member you can order at a significant discount!

Quantum exhibition

Friday 21 June

Immerse yourself in the quantum world!

With the help of the smallest quantum particles, such as electrons, a true tech revolution is on the horizon. Scientists and companies in the Netherlands and around the world are working on ultra-fast quantum computers, special quantum networks, and sensitive quantum sensors. Making the world of tiny particles tangible is a great challenge, but we have succeeded with the Quantum Pop-Up exhibition. Are you fascinated by quantum and how we can apply it to technology? Or do you want to help better our communication? Come and immerse yourself in the quantum world.

You can visit the exhibit at the Leidse Instrumentmakers School until July 12th. But also at the BplusC library in the city center of Leiden starting the 15th of July. So, also a nice outing for during your summer vacation.

PyData & JuliaCon

Tuesday 9 July

On July 9th - 13th, PyData Eindhoven and JuliaCon Global are taking place at the Philips Stadium. With more than 1000 attendees per day and 300 speakers, this will be the biggest conference about data science, machine learning, and scientific computing in Eindhoven ever. During the event, you can expect to meet attendants and speakers from all major data and technology companies including ASML, Intel, Boeing, and many others.

We offer a unique opportunity for students to attend this event by signing up as a volunteer. We ask volunteers to devote at most 4 hours per day during the conference to help with tasks like registrations, ensuring talks start and end on time, or moderating q&a sessions. In exchange, you receive a free ticket with unlimited access to the event. Sign up by filling out the form! For more information visit the website of PyData or JuliaCon. We hope to see you at the conference!

Summer vacation

It is (almost) upon us, summer vacation! This also means that the FK won't be open as often so that the board can also enjoy their vacation. In particular, the FK will be closed between 1 July and 30 August, except on Thursdays between 12:00 and 17:00. You can also see this in the activities calendar. Have a great vacation!

Confidential Contact Persons

Do you have a personal problem, bad experience or complaint which you can't just share with anyone? The confidential contact persons are there for you. They will always listen to you or refer you to the right people to help you. Everything you tell them is confidential, so nothing will be shared with others without your consent.

You can view the confidential contact persons via this link, and you can reach them via de the mailaddress

Too good to go

After activities, food sometimes remains in the fridge. This is not always sustainable for very long, but throwing it away is of course a shame. That's why we have the Too good to go whatsapp group. Occasionally a message will appear here with: "the following products have to go, come and get them for free".

This is the link to the chat.

De Leidsche Flesch Master's Promo Group

This is the master activity DLF Whatsapp group! In this group the board and Master's committee will send updates for master activities. If you don't want to miss anything related to master students join the group! You can join the group using the link here.

De Leidsche Flesch vereeuwigd

PLEASE NOTE: This book is only available in Dutch. Please only buy it if you wish to practice your Dutch. Below a short description about the book.

De Leidsche Flesch vereeuwigd is the century-book, written by the Historical Committee. It contains over 300 pages of history about the association, from the early days until recent history. It also contains interviews with 20 alumni and members of honour, telling stories about their time with the association. The book costs 7 euros for members and alumni. If you are alumnus, but are unable to log in on the website, please contact the board at The board will then help you log in.

The book can be ordered here.