Registration for ResilIT open

SNiC, the congress organisation that organises the yearly national student symposium on IT, is proud to present this year’s symposium: ResilIT. This year, we will discuss the impact of IT on the preservation and recuperation of our society. Talks will be held on Disaster Management, Cyber Threat Management and Society 4.0. Our partners will also be present during the symposium, offering you an opportunity to engage with these companies through speeddates and activities. For more information, be sure to regularly check out our website: All talks will be given in English.

You can buy a ticket for €5.- by sending an email to Reply quickly because supply is limited!


The 3rd of September the 97th board of De Leidsche Flesch, h.t. Dageraad, was installed. This was celebrated with the constitution drinks the same night. We, the board, enjoyed ourselves and we hope you did too. We would like to thank everyone who was there and we hope to see al our (new) members at our upcoming activities!

Book sale is open!

One of the major benefits of a membership is that you'll get your books simple and cheap. Twice a year, at the start of each semester, De Leidsche Flesch hosts a book sale. The book sale of the first semester of 2019-2020 is open now. All members of our association have received an email with further information concerning the book sale.