Lecture Michel Orrit

On thursday the 18th of January Michel Orrit will give a lecture in the DeSitterzaal:

Michel Orrit will present several optical methods giving access to signals from single molecules and single gold nanoparticles. Single gold nanoparticles are interesting because of their strong interaction with light mediated by their plasmon resonance, and because they are chemically and photochemically very stable. The experiments are based on fluorescence or photoluminescence, scattering, absorption detected by photothermal contrast, purely refractive effects leading to shifts of the plasmon resonance, or plasmon-enhanced fluorescence of weak emitters. Some chosen results will demonstrate the power of these experiments to explore the nanoworld in a non-invasive way.

The doors open at 19:30, you can find more information and enlist yourself through this website.

De Leidsche Flesch Lustrum Symposium

On Tuesday February 20th and Wednesday February 21st 2018, the De Leidsche Flesch Lustrum Symposium on networks will take place. It is open for everyone who wants to attend. There will be eight lectures given throughout the day by different experts in different areas of networks. The aim of the symposium is to give today's students an introduction to this important technology and area of research. We have tried to spread the speakers equally between physics, astronomy, mathematics and computer science. Everyone should thus find something they are interested in, but it can also be very good to listen to a lecture on something just outside of your studies.

After Exam Drinks

Look for all the data of the After Exam Drinks on the posters at the Snellius building and the Huygens building.