Book sale semester 1

The first semester has already begun, which means you need to start using new study books. You can buy your books now with a discount, with our book sale!

Click here to reach our webshop. Enter 'Universiteit Leiden' for the university and 'De Leidsche Flesch' for the student association. Then, fill in your program of study and year.

You get to see exactly which books you need, and as a member you can order at a significant discount.

Too good to go

After activities, food sometimes remains in the fridge. This is not always sustainable for very long, but throwing it away is of course a shame. That's why we have the Too good to go whatsapp group. Occasionally a message will appear here with: "the following products have to go, come and get them for free".

This is the link to the chat.

De Leidsche Flesch Master's Promo Group

This is the master activity DLF Whatsapp group! In this group the board and Master's committee will send updates for master activities. If you don't want to miss anything related to master students join the group! You can join the group using the link here. Collaboration

Find a job or internship that suits you on!

When you are busy with your studies, (active) membership at De Leidsche Flesch and going out with friends, it is difficult to also find time to orientate yourself in the labor market. We understand that! That is why DLF has teamed up with to help you find your dream internship or job after your technical studies. is an online career network for students and starters that makes it easier to find an internship or job that really suits you. You will discover relevant vacancies that match your profile and searches, and you will build a network by connecting with companies that interest you.

Curious about which companies want to connect with you? Create your FREE profile on and find your dream job or internship today!

Confidential Persons

Do you have a personal problem, bad experience or complaint which you can't just share with anyone? The confidential persons are there for you. They will always listen to you or refer you to the right people to help you. Everything you tell them is confidential, so nothing will be shared with others without your consent.

You can view the confidential persons via this link, and you can reach them via de the mailaddress