Student Wellbeing Weeks

Monday 18 January

For four whole weeks Leiden University organizes lots of online activities around 'student wellbeing'. Do you want to learn how to prepare a healthy meal, join a meditation class or meet new people? Join the Wellbeing Weeks! Take a look at the programma and register.

Student Wellbeing Think Tank

Thursday 28 January

In a perfect world, university would be stress-free. But how do we achieve that? The LUS wants to invite you to brainstorm about student well-being.

With your input and creativity, we are going to discuss this topic and come up with ideas to improve the wellbeing of all students! What are the main sources of stress, currently and in non-corona times?

As the Leiden University Student Platform (LUS), we are a group of students who think about ways in which the University can be improved and give the resulting advice to the Executive Board.

On the 28th of January from 15:00 till 17:00, a think tank session will take place on Kaltura where we want to hear your ideas! This first session will be entirely in English. You can sign up here. On the 9th of February from 15:00 till 17:00, a second think tank session hosted in Dutch will take place. For this session you can sign up here.

Our think tank sessions are part of the Leiden University Wellbeing Weeks and they are open to anyone who would like to join in!

Do you have any questions? Send us an email: For more information and updates follow us on Instagram @lusleiden or on Facebook.

MEME 2021

Friday 29 January

On Friday the 29th of January, 16:00-18:00 CET, the second edition of MEME (Massive Exoplanet Meme Exhibition) will take place as a free and online event. Anyone who likes astronomy or planet related memes is invited to come to the event, look at memes together and vote for the best meme of the exhibition.
The event will be held on, a specific link will follow later. To quickest way to stay up-to-date is by following the Twitter page @exoMEMEevent. We also still invite you to send your self-made meme contributions to These can be anonymous or not, and do not have to be strictly about exoplanets but can also be (astro)physics related.

SCIENCE Buddy Programme

Are you ready to become a SCIENCE Buddy?

The SCIENCE Buddy Programme is offered to all new international students of the Faculty of Science. A SCIENCE Buddy is a current student of the Faculty of Science, who is easily approachable and can share his/her experience with our new international students. Especially during these uncertain COVID times, internationals can use a listening ear!

Being a buddy is not only a good way to learn more about different cultures, it allows you to start your international network and practice your language skills.

More info about the programme can be found here. For questions, you can contact Victor van der Horst and Tess Hoppenbrouwers (Science International Office) at

Caring Universities

As a student you have a lot on your mind. Combining a social life, study, work and exercise can be a real challenge. That’s why it’s extra important to be aware of your mental well-being and to take good care of yourself. That is why weare part of Caring Universities, an initiative that aims to improve the psychological well-being of students. This online questionnaire provides insight on the mental health of a student and offers personalizedadvice. Filling out the survey will take 25 minutes of your time. If you want, you canthen do a free online programmeto work on improving your mood or reducing your stress.

Corona buddy system

For (international) students who are in need of support during the corona situation, the university has developed a couple of services. Learn more about those on the website of Leiden University.

As a reminder

Do not come to the University if

  • you have any health symptoms that could indicate coronavirus. Stay at home and make an appointment with the GGD for a test: 0800-1202. If you also have shortness of breath and/or a fever, all the members of your household must stay at home and get tested too.
  • you have recently returned from a country with an orange or yellow travel advisory in which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises a ten-day quarantine. You must not come to the University during these ten days.