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De Leidsche Flesch has many documents.


Of all General Meetings the minutes are kept; these will be sent with the convocate of the next General Meeting. Besides that, they are also available for members in the room of the study association (Flesschekamer) or at our online archive. Keep in mind: this archive is only available to members. Have you forgotten your password? Don’t hesitate to pass by the Flesschekamer.

Annual reports

Every board makes at the end of the year an elaborate report of all activities that have been organised and the policy that has been conducted. The annual report is often sent with the convocate for the ALV of September where the change of boards takes place. Added to the annual report is the actual and balance sheet. The annual reports are available for members in the Flesschekamer or in our online archive.

Advisory committee Long term policy

In 2014 an advisory committee for the Long term policy of De Leidsche Flesch was constituted. In 2018, the long term policy has been revised.. The current long term policy, the previous long term policy and everything leading up to these policies can be found in the folder ‘Langetermijnbeleid’ of the online archive.

Regulations of De Leidsche Flesch

The board and members of De Leidsche Flesch are bound to the Articles of association in the first place and in the second place to the Internal Regulations. Furthermore, the Council of Senators and the Formation committee both have their own regulations, respectively found here and here. In case of death, the mourning protocol applies.

Education and examination regulations (OER)

As a student, you have certain rights and obligations towards your education. This is all stated in the law for higher education and scientific research. As a supplement to these laws, the Education and examination regulations exist (in Dutch: OER), the first part stated by the faculty and the second part by your education itself. All bachelor and master studies have their own OERs. 

Faculty part

In this part, the following matters are stated:

  • The amount of exams that have to be offered
  • The rights of the student concerning exams
  • The binding study advice (BSA)

As a student you have influence on these regulations through the faculty council; they can give advice and have to assent the regulations.

Educational part

Your institute specifies that courses that have to be followed to complete your education successfully. This part is established by your Educational Director. The educational committee can give asked and unsolicited advice about this part of the regulations.


Besides the Education and examination regulations, your education has its own regulations and guidelines for practica and exams. This states for example when your exam should be announced and the rules for passing exams.

Privacy statement

The Privacy Statement describes the collection and storage of personal data by the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation.