Talent&Pro Pub Quiz

The last pub quiz of this academic year is on June 29th! This time the pub quiz is sponsored by Talent&Pro and the theme is hardcore! So do you need a distraction from the exam stress or do you just want to test your knowledge, then come June 29th at 19:00 to the foobar and win a pitcher and eternal glory! If you win this pub quiz, you can brag about it all summer!

Committee Interest Lunch

This year would have been a lot less exciting if there were no committees. Committees set up all kinds of super cool activities, as you might have experienced! Do you think you might want to organize something, but you don't know what? Join us at the free committee interest lunch on Friday 24 May at 12:45 PM! It will take place in room 312 of the Snellius Building.

You can express an interest during that lunch, think about it again or discuss it with the board: everything is still free, so there is no reason not to come for lunch.