Book Sale Semester 2

The second semester is about to begin, which means you need new study books. Starting now, our book sale is online!

Click here to reach our webshop.

You get to see exactly which books you need, and as a member you can order at a significant discount.

De Leidsche Flesch Master's Promo Group

This is the master activity DLF Whatsapp group! In this group the board and Master's committee will send updates for master activities. If you don't want to miss anything related to master students join the group! You can join the group using the link here.

Sine Regno

Terrible news: board 100 will leave us all alone for a long evaluation weekend. From 1 to 3 February, we will be all alone in the cold cold Snellius. But not to worry, we have our true saviours assembling up on the cliffs. Board 99 has prepared a week of awesome activities, from a wheel of fortune to a pub crawl. Come and put the week on stilts with us!

After Tentamen drinks + free drink when handing in your exams

The halls of the Snellius are empty, it is below zero, which can only mean one thing: exam season has started! To create a light in these dark times, After Tentamen drinks are organized by us in the Foobar from 17:00 to 19:00 on

- Wednesday January 25th

- Monday January 30th

Did you attend a test, exam, retake or hand in a large assignment? Then you can ask for a free drink on these dates between 17:00 and 19:00. Do you want more free drinks? Hand in your test, exam or retake at the Flesschekamer and earn a coin that will get you a free drink in De Foobar!

See you then!


Lustrum mailing
De Leidsche Flesch is 100 years old! Not quite yet, but the lustrum is coming. The committee is working on several great activities. Do you want to stay informed of the latest updates from the lustrum committee and provide input to the committee? Then take a look from time to time on!

Social media
You can follow the Lustrum Committee on Instagram and LinkedIn! Besides this, you can share your lustrum ideas on the Padlet of the committee, that would be nice.

Adjusted opening times January

The FK will have adjusted opening times in January, from 10 AM to 5 PM.

LUS activity - Academic Skills

Wednesday 15 February

What do you think about the academic skills at your faculty? Do you think it is going well, or do you think it can be improved? If you have an opinion or idea about this, or if you are just curious about other faculties, then come to the next activity of the Leidsch Universitair Studentenplatform: the 15th of February from 15.00-17.00h at the faculty club, Academy building Leiden. There will be free drinks and snacks!
Sign up here: