Fleschtival early bird ticket sale started

Saturday 22 April

The 20th lustrum year of DLF in full swing, with a lot of great activities. You should definitely enjoy these, but also look forward to the rest of the year. We organise a Fleschtival on Saturday the 22nd of April 2023 with the theme Time Loop, Repeat the Past Beat, in honour of our 100-year anniversary, which is an experience you don’t want to miss! So mark the date, go to our website http://fleschtival.nl and buy your early bird ticket for only €15!

Would you like to help us with the organisation during, before and/or after the Fleschtival? Sign up as a crew member via http://defles.ch/en/inschrijven/fleschtivalcrew. In that case, you do NOT have to buy a ticket, as you get a crew shirt and free entrance to the Flestival as a thank you for your effort!

If you have any questions or comments you can contact us via fleschtival@deleidscheflesch.nl.

The Board - Derk Schelvis

Hello everyone, I am Derk and I will be the Treasurer, also known as the moneyman, of De Leidsche Flesch next year. I am currently a fourth years Mathematics and Physics student, although I will mostly be focusing on my board tasks next year. As Treasurer, I am responsible for the money of the association. I keep overview of all of our income and spendings, pay the bills of the association and make sure that members who make payments on behalf of the association get their money back. Keeping record of all of this is very important. The accountancy of the association is my life work for the next year. Aside from this, I also help the Treasurers of the committees with their money-related questions and I supervise them when making the budget of their committee. The budget of the association is mostly my work. Do you have any money-related questions or do you think that being the treasurer of a committee is something for you? Then don't hesitate to walk by the FK at some point. I would love to help you.


Lustrum mailing
De Leidsche Flesch is 100 years old! Not quite yet, but the lustrum is coming. The committee is working on several great activities. Do you want to stay informed of the latest updates from the lustrum committee and provide input to the committee? Then take a look from time to time on defles.ch/lustrum!

Social media
You can follow the Lustrum Committee on Instagram and LinkedIn! Besides this, you can share your lustrum ideas on the Padlet of the committee, that would be nice.

The Board - Jochem Kaal

Hi everyone! My name is Jochem and this year I am the President of De Leidsche Flesch. I study a double bachelor of Astronomy and Physics, but this year that will be a bit lower of a priority for me. If people ask me what I do as President, I always find it difficult to answer that question. In paper I don't do that much, namely presiding over our board meetings and the General Members' Meetings of the association, looking after the rest of the board, meaning that I regularly do a vibe check with all the other board members, though I manage to find tasks to do every day for the association or for my fellow board members to decrease their workload. Aside from that I am also the spokesperson of our association to the outside world, like at consultations within Leiden or sometimes at a national level. You will be able to find me often in the FK and otherwise somewhere else in the vicinity of the Snellius building.

FooBar Tap Course

The gezelligste bar in Leiden is hidden in the Snellius building, the FooBar! Nice cold beer flows abundantly every Thursday night - and also a lot of other nights during activities from the many study-associations and institues from the science faculty. You can be part of this process... From both sides of the counter! On the 11th, 21st and 24th of October there will be three tap workshops where you can learn how to tap and how the FooBar works. Sign yourself up by sending an e-mail to foosecretaris@deleidscheflesch.nl. The workshops start at 5 p.m. and will take until 7.30 p.m., so don't forget to bring some food (there is a microwave/oven). 

If you can't make it during one of these tap workshops, don't worry! You can still come and tend the bar: you'll learn everything during your first shift. Again, please send an e-mail to foosecretaris@deleidscheflesch.nl to receive a bar schedule, so that you can sign up! (You can also do this when you can already tap beer, of course :))


Lustrum Merch

After a great opening of the lustrum year and the reveal of our lustrum beer, we will continue celebrating our great lustrum! No better way to do this, then emptying your bank account to buy some MERCH.

Well, luckily the Lustrum Committee has made a nice merch list. Here you can buy nice stuff like your own lustrum hoodie, beer glass or bottle opener! You can also buy more lustrum beer here!

Be quick, as the first merch list closes on October 16!

There will be a second round of merch. If you have any fun ideas, you can tell us on the merch form.


De Leidsche Flesch Master's Promo Group

This is the master activity DLF Whatsapp group! In this group the board and Master's committee will send updates for master activities. If you don't want to miss anything related to master students join the group! You can join the group using the link here.