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What is De Leidsche Flesch exactly? What does De Leidsche Flesch want to do and how does she want to do it exactly?

De Leidsche Flesch is the study association for Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics and Computer Science. The most important purposes of De Leidsche Flesch are contributing to the relation between its members and and science and contributing to the relation of the members amongst each other. De Leidsche Flesch wants to realise this by organising a wide spectrum of activities, such as (lunch) lectures, excursions, study trips, drinks, parties, pub quizzes and many more. Furthermore, we introduce students to the opportunities life brings after their time at university: besides orientation on research, we also introduce them to the corporate world by means of company lectures and inhousedays.

For the first years, De Leidsche Flesch organises the introduction weekend at the beginning of the acadamic year. This weekend gives first years the possibility to get to know each other and the association. The introduction weekend takes place in the weekend after the first two weeks of college.

You can organise activities of De Leidsche Flesch yourself by joining a committee or guild.

Another aspect – and for many a good reason to become a member – of De Leidsche Flesch, that every member profits from, is the book sale. Twice a year, De Leidsche Flesch organises a book sale, where members can order their books easily online and with discounts.

Would you like to become a member of De Leidsche Flesch? As a bachelor student, you pay 42 euros one-off and as a master student, you only pay 10 euros. This amount is easily compensated for with the first book sale!

De Leidsche Flesch can also be found on Studentenwegwijzer.