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Want to do a committee?
  • Have you been motivated by the Committee Interest Lunch to do a committee? Do you want to know what it is like to organise activities together in a group? Then use this sign up list to show your interest for doing a committee!

  • You can enlist until: 03-11-2022 at 15:56

Kaiser Committee Interest Borrel
Get to know the committees of Kaiser
  • Next to spending time together at fun activities after uni, by being a member of Kaiser you also get to join one of their 3 committees: The Historical, Observing, or Spring Lecture Committee. Find out what the committees do and what exciting things you get to be involved in by coming to Kaiser's committee interest borrel (sign up to get free fries by the Frying Guild!) on October 13th at 17:00 at the FooBar! Save the date and see you there! ✨

  • For this event, there is no online registration

Yearbook Theme Announcement
Nice yearbook, but when does the next come out?
  • Not that long ago we received the beautiful spotLFY yearbook, and wow it looked amazing! However, we think we can do just as good a job, so we invite you to come to the FooBar for the yearbook theme announcement on the 13th of October. Bring your bicycle and thermos with tea, because it will be an affair any dutch cycling grandparent will love. See you then!

  • For this event, there is no online registration

Peak Performance Pubquiz
Reach for the summit!
  • 'This isn't even my final form!' Are you curious to find out about the final forms in many different categories? Gather your friends and come to the peak performance pubquiz! It will be in the foobar on October 13th at 19:30 and there will be snacks from the Frying Guild. See you there!

  • You can enlist until: 13-10-2022 at 12:00

Student-Teacher lunches
With free lunch!
  • Have you always wondered which teacher was a varsity rower in his youth? Or which teacher lived in North-Korea for half a year? You can get answers on all your questions surrounding teachers now! On Tuesday October 18th you can meet and speak to your favourite Physics and Astronomy teachers, on Thursday October 20th your favourite teachers from Mathematics and Computer Sciences. On both days you can get your free lunch and have some small talk (that’s not about your subjects) in Snellius 412 from 12:45 to 13:30 (with the possibility to leave earlier for classes). See you then!

  • For this event, there is no online registration

Lustrum Stockmarket Drinks
New prices every 15 minutes!
  • We travel back to the 00s! This time the 2008 stock market crash takes place in the FooBar 😱

    You can influence the price of your next drink yourself! Every 15 minutes, the prices of all drinks are adjusted to the demand in the period before. The more a drink is ordered, the higher the price will be. Will you cause the beer markets to crash?

    Come to the FooBar on October 18 at 17:00 to see the prices go up and down!

  • For this event, there is no online registration

Study Trip Destination Announcement Drinks
Will it be Belgium this year?
  • It feels so far away, yet is closer than you think! From May 1st till May 14th 2023, De Leidsche Flesch will have a study trip filled with amazing activities for you. However, this year, the study trip will be extra special to celebrate the 100th birthday of De Leidsche Flesch!

    That leaves everyone with that one question… Where are we going?

    Come and find out during the Study Trip Destination Announcement Drinks Tuesday October 18th at 18:00 at the FooBar!

  • For this event, there is no online registration

First Years Activity - Boris and the dinosaur
Hunting season has started!
  • Dino hunters, here are your tasks
    Listen to what the Flesch now asks
    To the brave ones who catch the dinosaurs
    A hearty meal will be yours.
    To every hunter who reads this piece:
    Come and fight against the beast!

    On Thursday October 20th, the next First Years activity, Boris and the Dinosaur, will take place. Hunt down the dinosaurs with your group. We will gather at 18:00 in the van der Werf Park. Pizza will be ordered for those who want to eat with us. Further details will be shared later.

  • You can enlist until: 20-10-2022 at 12:00

Friends from the past day
A trip down memory lane
  • How is your study? How is the city? How is life? These are some of the topics students sometimes discuss with their friends. Simply showing instead of explaining is a little easier, and that is why there will be a friends from the past day on Sathurday November 19th. In the afternoon part which lasts from 14.00 until 17.00, you can show your friends the city. From 18:00 until about 23.00 you can enjoy supper (for max. 4 euro's), a pubquiz, drinks and karaoke.

  • You can enlist until: 19-11-2022 at 14:04

First Years' Trip - interest list
Spill the tea
  • Participating in the First Years' Trip, you will travel to a foreign city with a university. Not only will you learn how it is to study abroad, but you can also enjoy the local culture to the fullest, all the while making lots of new friends. So register quickly for the First Years' Trip 2023 to Sheffield and Leeds! The First Years' Trip will take place from January 19 until 23.

    Note: this is not your final registration! If you enroll here, you are not guaranteed to be able to participate. However, you will be the first one to be notified once the real registration opens.

  • You can enlist until: 01-12-2022 at 12:00

Lustrum Symposium
Come to the Symposium!
  • Besides lots of fun and lovely people, there is something more that binds us at De Leidsche Flesch; that is our passion for physics, astronomy, mathematics or computer science. This is where the symposium comes into play. It will be a fantastic opportunity to enrich our mind scientifically at a beautiful site in Leiden and look further than the formulas, graphs and code in books and on computers which keep us busy all day.

    Together with other students, professors and staff members you will participate in a day filled with interesting lectures and special speakers. Because this symposium is in honour of the 100th anniversary of our study association, the lectures are even more interesting and the speakers exceptional.

    Are you convinced to participate in this great event? You can sign up here.

  • You can enlist until: 13-02-2023 at 18:00

Fleschtival - Early Bird Tickets
Get the Early Bird discount!
  • How great that you want to come to the Time Loop Fleschtival on Saturday the 22nd of April in 2023! By filling in the following registration form you buy one ticket for the TLF. As you are an Early Bird, this only costs you €15,-! Your registration is complete only after you have paid. If this is completed, you will receive your ticket via e-mail in due time.

    Encourage your friends, family and colleagues to come with you to the Fleschtival!

  • You can enlist until: 28-10-2022 at 23:59

Friends of the Lustrum
Contribute to the Lustrum!
  • The Leidsche Flesch turns 100! The entire lustrum year is packed with super cool activities. Do you want to contribute? Then register now as a Friend of the Lustrum for €20 and receive cool extras! Think of discounts on activities, exclusive merch items and more!

  • You can enlist until: 30-06-2023 at 23:59