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Batavieren race interest list
Would you like to run with us?
  • On the 24th and 25th of May the Batavieren race will take place! This a day two running contest where you and your team run a distance of 175 kms in 25 stages. Would you be interested in taking part in this race? You can sign up here! More information on this event will follow.

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Relax Committee - Bring Your Own Craft
An evening of gezelligheid, creativity, and warm chocolate milk!
  • Get ready for a cosy and creative evening at ‘Bring Your Own Craft,’ where you can unwind, create, hang out, and enjoy the warmth and creative vibes! On December 11th, we invite you to bring your favourite handicraft project and join us for an evening full of crafting fun and relaxation.

    Upon arrival, you’ll receive a warm welcome and a cup of creamy hot chocolate to set the right mood. Find a comfy seat among fellow craft enthusiasts, soak up the cosy vibes, and let the simulated campfire on the wall inspire you. Whether you’re into crocheting, painting, drawing, reading, or anything else, this night is all about you and relaxing. We’ve got various materials for those deciding on the spot.

    So, grab your craft supplies, bring your best project, and join ‘Bring Your Own Craft’ on December 11th at 18:00 in the FooBar, and enjoy the food for a maximum of €5. Can’t wait to see you there!

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Christmas Dinner
It is Chistmas. There is a dinner.
  • On the 13th of December, De Leidsche Flesch has its annual christmas dinner in the FooBar! Join the board at this Christmassy event and get ready for a wonderful evening. The dress code is chique and/or Christmas jumpers.

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First year studytrip
Entertaining in Vienna
  • Have you always wanted to go to the gorgeous Vienna for the beautiful opera or tasty schnitzels? Then this is your chance! Together with all your friends and our lovely committee we will be going to Vienna from January 17th until 22nd. With our theme: “Entertaining in Vienna”, it promises to be a fun and exciting trip. Of course we will also focus on learning new things. From interesting lectures to scavenger hunts there will be something for everyone. If this does not sound like a fun trip, I am lost.

    So sign up now for the first years' trip!

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"Journey to Discovery"
  • Discover the fascinating world of the unknown at our upcoming Symposium, “Journey to Discovery”. This extraordinary event promises to be a journey that takes you to the far reaches of the universe and the depths of theoretical knowledge. 

    Step on board and brace yourself for lectures that will stimulate your curiosity and challenge your mind. The presentations will be delivered by leading experts who will take you on a journey through the mysteries of the cosmos, the secrets of physics, the elegance of mathematics, and the boundless possibilities of computer science.

    Who will be our guides on this "Journey to Discovery"? The speakers will be announced soon, but we can assure you that they are some of the most visionary minds in these disciplines, ready to share their passion and knowledge with you. Whether you're a seasoned scientist, a student seeking inspiration, or simply someone with deep curiosity, this symposium will offer something for everyone.

    Don't miss this opportunity to join us on this journey. Mark the date, 26-02-2024, on your calendar and stay tuned for the speakers to be announced on our Instagram page @symposium_dlf. "Journey to Discovery" will broaden your horizons and help you embrace the wonders of the universe and the power of knowledge. We can't wait to embark on this journey with you.

    Bon voyage from the Symposium Committee

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To Bologna & Ljubljana
  • We're going on a trip in our favorite way of transportation

    Zooming through the sky, Little Flesschers

    Climb aboard, get ready to explore

    There's so much to find, Little Flesschers

    We're going on a mission, start the countdown

    "The preparations for the study trip are in full swing again! From April 29th to May 10th, we will explore the cities of Bologna and Ljubljana. Of course, the academic program takes precedence on a study trip, but culture and recreation are certainly not forgotten. The reason for visiting Bologna with its Alma Mater Studiorum is self-evident. When it comes to Ljubljana, one may wonder what we are doing in Eastern Europe. However, as one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe with universities that are among the best in Eastern Europe, it's not so crazy at all. Soon, it might be so enjoyable that you accidentally want to continue your studies in Slovenia.

    All in all, it will probably be an unforgettable journey full of adventures that you definitely don't want to miss. The first step to avoid missing out (and preventing a lot of FOMO) is to sign up. You can do that through the following link.

    All information about the application process can be found there. The deadline for motivation letters and applications is the 3rd of December. You will get a confirmation from the commissioner of participants when all necessary documents have been received.

    Note: This study trip is intended for students that are not in their first year. If you're a freshman and would like to travel, be sure to check out the First Years' Trip (EJR), a study trip specifically designed for first-year students.

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Interest list CAMP
Nature, fresh air, campfires
  • Nature, fresh air, campfires. Have you always wanted to go camping with all of your friends? This might become reality. We want to organise a camping weekend for the Leidsche Flesch. Before we can start, we are inquiring the enthousiasm of the people. So, if you are interested, click on the link and fill in the form.

    Much love, the soon-to-be KAMPCIE.

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De Leidsche Flesch vereeuwigd
Verkoop van het eeuwboek van De Leidsche Flesch
  • PLEASE NOTE: This book is only available in Dutch. Please only buy it if you wish to practice your Dutch. Below a short description about the book.

    De Leidsche Flesch vereeuwigd is the century-book, written by the Historical Committee. It contains over 300 pages of history about the association, from the early days until recent history. It also contains interviews with 20 alumni and members of honour, telling stories about their time with the association. The book costs 7 euros for members and alumni. If you are alumnus, but are unable to log in on the website, please contact the board at The board will then help you log in.

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