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Dies - Goodies
Claim your goodiebag!
  • The Dies is getting closer and closer and closer. Just a few more boring schooldays! But even we know, this fun can't last forever. Some even have their exams during our amazing party week! Don't bury the hatchet yet however. We have THE perfect thing for you, to immortalize the 101st Dies forever:

    A goodie bag, full of fun. We'd like to keep the contents of it a surprise, but you can already sign up and claim your goodiebag. For a maximum of €15, you can claim your own set of amazing Dies goodies. We have a very limited supply of these goodiebags, so be sure to sign up fast.

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Dies - 101 Arabian Nights Party
101 Arabian Nights Party
  • Dive into the mystical world of 101 Arabian Nights at our enchanting Dies party! Get ready for a night filled with magic, mystery, and mesmerizing vibes as we transport you to a realm straight out of the tales of Scheherazade. We'll unveil a captivating playground where the tales of Aladdin, Sinbad, and Ali Baba come to life in a dazzling celebration!

    🌟 When: April 18th, Doors open at 22:00 and close at 1:00

    🕌 Where: An Arabian Mystery! [Somewhere in Leiden]

    💸 Ticket Price: €3.35 at all times!

    💃 Dress Code: Embrace the allure of the East with your best Arabian-inspired attire! Think flowing fabrics, vibrant colors, and ornate accessories fit for a sultan or a princess.

    So, gather your fellow adventurers, genies, and magical creatures, and embark on a journey to the heart of the Arabian Nights. Get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime at 101 Arabian Nights!

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Dies - Relax afternoon
🌴 Relax and pamper yourself during our Relax Afternoon on April 19th! 🌴
  • Step into an oasis of tranquillity, where inflatable palm trees surround you and an atmosphere of calmness welcomes you. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the  Diesweeks, it's time to take a moment to unwind and indulge yourself at your own pace. The Relax Afternoon will take place in the Foobar from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

    Let  your mind relax with meditation, explore the world of yoga with our short 15-minute workshops, every hour. Treat yourself to a manicure or facial mask, where you're in control. And to make it all complete, let your creativity flow at our crafting table, where all sorts of materials are laid out for you. Enjoy tea, water, and hot chocolate as you immerse yourself in this delightful relaxation experience.

    So mark April 19th on your calendar and treat yourself to an afternoon of ultimate relaxation and indulgence. We look forward to welcoming you there, without any obligations! But if you know for sure that you'll be there, you can register.

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Dies - Pool Party
Swimming and partying!
  • You are invited to a party! I am however, not going to tell you what we are going to do. I have contemplated about it, but I'd rather have it stay a mystery until you have arrived at said party. This means that, although you are invited, you will have to make creative guesses as to the activity we are going to undertake. I have taken all possible precautions to keep you from gaining any more knowledge about the upcoming activity. I am truly sorry to keep you in the dark.

    Oh, one more thing. Remember to bring your swimming clothes. 😋🏊‍♀️🩳🩱

    YES YES! As you might have already guessed, it is time for a POOOL PARTAY! Hand us six smooth Euro coins (€6) and we'll hand you a swimming pool. And a party.

    Friday April 19th, starting at 21:00, we'll have an amazing pool party at Zwembad Poelmeer, Langevoort 273, 2343 CE Oegstgeest. (The FooBar wasn't available for this.)

    It will be good vibes all around, with a bar next to the pool and your friends, well, in the pool. Bring them along and sign up. Quick!
    See you there!

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Dies - Luxurious Tosti Lunch
Unlimited grilled cheese sandwiches for €1.50!
  • Your favorite lunch break activity is finally back: the tosti lunches! But this time a very festive lunch! 🥳 What's a birthday without tosti’s ? On Monday, April 22nd, you can enjoy unlimited luxury tosti’s with all possible and impossible combinations of sauces for just 1.50 euros. Sounds like the best lunch ever? Then we'll see you on Monday at 12.45 in the FooBar!

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RvS Barbecue
Winnie the Pooh with the Council of Senators
  • Deep in the 101 Acre Woods, little piglet was walking around merrily. He was on his way to his friend Owl, for a nice long discussion. But the 101 Acre Woods are not safe from the dangerous Pooh, Rabbit, Tigger, Eeyore, Kanga and Roo. They kidnapped Piglet... and put him on the BBQ!

    On Monday the 22rd of April, come join us on the long-awaited, legendary, amazing RvS Barbeque, and help us roast Piglet. Of course, for the herbivores among us there will also be vegetarian options. The BBQ starts at 6, and will cost at most 9 euros. There will also be a nice fire from the fire-committee, and a pubquiz at the same time! An amazing opportunity to have a nice relaxing evening in the FooBar during the hectic Dies weeks.

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Dies - Pubquiz
What a Diesaster!
  • Dear Dies-Goers,

    Are you fascinated by the most intriguing, challenging, and sometimes terrifying moments in history? Get ready for an unforgettable evening full of excitement and knowledge during our upcoming diesaster pub quiz! From the downfall of ancient civilizations to modern catastrophes, this quiz will challenge your brains and surprise you with every answer you discover. With complimentary free snacks, you'll be fully equipped to outwit the other teams and win a fabulous prize!

    So, gather your friends and join us for this disastrous evening. No need to sign up, just swing by and join! Be prepared for an evening of dramatic twists and unexpected facts as we explore the history of disasters and catastrophes together. Don't miss out! See you there ;)

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Acts Talent Show
Show your creativity!
  • Do you enjoy singing in the shower and have always dreamed of a stage experience? Or are you simply looking for an excuse to showcase your unusual talents to the world? Then this is your moment to shine!

    At our open podium, we welcome everything and everyone (also non-members in an act with members), whether you think your jokes are lame, your dance moves hilarious, you sometimes just miss the right note, or your magic tricks are far from impressive. It's not about perfection, but about sharing your unique gift with an audience that will enjoy it as much as you do.

    So, throw all your modesty aside and join us on Tuesday, April 23rd (new date!) at 7:15 PM at Bierlokaal De Veste. It will be an evening full of amazing (or at least entertaining) artistic performances, where anything goes (or doesn't quite go). Who knows, together we might discover the true master of imperfection! Sign up as an act now!

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Dies - Friet vs. Patat table
The ultimate culinary battle
  • Are you tired of having to hold your fries all the time? It's time for a snacking revolution! Introducing: the Friettafel! No more hassle with trays, just enjoy your fries while they safely and steadily rest on the table. With the Friettafel, every meal becomes a party, because who has time to fiddle when there are fries to be eaten? Or perhaps you're making a masterpiece with the sauce? However you approach this activity, you have to be there. On Thursday, April 25th, starting from 12:45, we'll be enjoying fries in the FooTuin for less than 3 euros per person. Sign up quickly because you don't want to miss out on this fantastic fry explosion!

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Dies - Cavantus
A cantus, but then slightly different
  • Huh, what is that activity everyone is so excited for? A cavantus? I don't know that word! Don't worry, I've looked up the formal definition of a cavantus for you.

    Meaning of 'Cavantus'
    /ka'vɑn.tʏs/ (plural: cavantus)

    1. Merger of the words 'cava' and 'cantus', which implies the execution of a cantus using cava.
    2. Recipe for diesaster.
    3. A beautiful activity organised by the dies committee as a magnificent finisher of the dies weeks. In this activity, the attendees sing while the praesidium keeps them in check. Other than that, generous amounts of drinks are consumed, with a choice between cava and children's champagne. It comes paired with enjoyment and delight, and delivers a magnificent evening for all.

    An example in practice:
    "The cavantus of the 26th of April in the FooBar not only is really fun, it also costs €6 at most!"

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Parents' Day
Convince your parents that your study programme is actually difficult!
  • For one day only, parents are welcome in our beautiful university where we will unravel the mysteries of our stunning studies to them. Have you ever had your mom ask you what all those numbers are? Wait no longer, as we will explain the content of our studies to them in a highly accessible way that will leave them fulfilled. Do you want to see your father programming, or your mother shine a whole new light through a lens? Then sign up for Parents' Day of De Leidsche Flesch on Saturday May 18th!

    The day program, including lunch, is completely free. The walk-in starts at 9:30 AM and the lectures start at 10:00 AM. The day's program ends at 5:00 PM (just like your parents’ average work schedule!) and is followed by drinks, snacks and Rino ice! Does this seem like something to you and your parents? Register now quickly!

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Become one of our 25 runners!
  • Once again this year the flesch will participate in the annual Batavierenrace on May 24 and 25. This is a race in which participants will run from Nijmegen to Enschede. In 25 stages we will run over 175 kilometers as a team over the whole weekend. Would you like to participate and compete against all other associations? Sign up via the link below!

  • You can enlist until: 24-05-2024 at 12:00

Interest list D&D with Fortezza
D&D-ers and Dungeon Masters assemble!
  • Note, this event will probably be in Dutch

    For our Dungeon and Dragons-night on Tuesday, May 28th with Fortezza, we are looking for interested people, DnD-players and Dungeon Masters!

    Pay attention! There are only a few spots (depending on the number of Dungeon Masters), so fill in the interest form via this link!

  • You can enlist from: 20-03-2024 at 16:36

Camping trip
Camping with Flesschers
  • Camping, variety night, egg tossing, and much more, because the Flesch camping trip is happening!

    Do you want to relive your fondest elementary school memories, have another go at them, or catch up on this missed experience? Keep July 4th to 6th free in your agenda and sign up before June 20th!

    See you then!

  • You can enlist until: 20-06-2024 at 23:59

De Leidsche Flesch vereeuwigd
Verkoop van het eeuwboek van De Leidsche Flesch
  • PLEASE NOTE: This book is only available in Dutch. Please only buy it if you wish to practice your Dutch. Below a short description about the book.

    De Leidsche Flesch vereeuwigd is the century-book, written by the Historical Committee. It contains over 300 pages of history about the association, from the early days until recent history. It also contains interviews with 20 alumni and members of honour, telling stories about their time with the association. The book costs 7 euros for members and alumni. If you are alumnus, but are unable to log in on the website, please contact the board at The board will then help you log in.

  • You can enlist until: 25-04-2123 at 23:59