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Board Game Workshop
What is worse?
  • What is worse? Failing your retake exam or receiving a fine of 95 euros for cycling without light? Wednesday June 7th 18:00h, we will be making our own games like “Shit happens”. It will be next to the FooBar We would love to see you if you want to come up with your own weird scenarios or if you want to make a complete new game. Think of Ludo, Katan, Machiavelli, Cluedo or something completely new. We will make sure that there will be dinner for max 5 euros.

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FooBar Owners' Drinks
With free drinks and snacks
  • On the 8th of June the owners of the FooBar will celebrate that we can still drink our cheap beers in the Snellius building. We will celebrate with even cheaper beer (Free!) and snacks from the fryingpan. Join us at 17pm on the 8th!

  • For this event, there is no online registration

Yearbook Ceremony
Receive your own copy!
  • We have been working on it for over 9 months, but now it is time to finally meet our baby. Come to the yearbook ceremony on the 13th of June, and receive your very own copy of 'Century of Sorcery, Curious Charms and Secretive Spellwork for the Fearless Flescher'. You can get your copy for free, and get it signed by the committee. We start at 19:30, but if you would like a meal, the kookcie will provide food for the Beste Reizigersch Neurodiversity Day activity (link will be sent later). We can't wait to share our creation with you!

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SportCie Water Skiing
What better study break than water sports?
  • It's almost summer again, the temperature is starting to rise, we're having more and more sunny days, and we're right in the middle of the stressful exam period. How nice would it be if you could escape the study stress for an afternoon, and what better study break than water sports! Imagine this: gliding on the water, sun on your face, solely focused on not falling off your skis. Afterwards, you can reward yourself with a cold beer in the sun for those few seconds you probably managed to hold on without falling. Do you want to join this extremely sporty water activity? Then come water skiing with the sports committee on Wednesday, June 14th, at Wet 'n Wild The Social Club in Alphen aan den Rijn!

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Lustrum Beach Party
The last lustrum activity of the lustrum year
  • Join the last lustrum activity on Thursday 15 June: the beach party! 🌴🎉

    Entirely in 1970 theme, we start the day with a relaxing afternoon on the beach. No organized activities, just chilling out. Bring your own drinks, relax on the golden sands and enjoy the soothing sound of the waves crashing on the beach. You can eat fries and snacks for €6 if you sign up.

    You can find us from 14:00 on the beach south of Strandpaviljoen Willy Zuid.

    As the sun goes down, we turn up the energy at the beach house Willy Zuid, 51 Boulevard Zeezijde. Enjoy unlimited drinks from 8pm to 12am as our talented DJ guild set the dance floor ablaze with their incredible beats. Put on your best hippie outfit and get ready to dance the night away. There are only 150 places for the party so register quickly for only €25. Register for the food and/or party via

    See you there! 🌞🌊🎶

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Sweaty Tryhard Gaming Night
With classics like Mario Kart
  • The Jeucie is back for our last activity! On Monday the 19th of june from 17.00-23.00 we are hosting the sweaty tryhard gaming night, with classics like of course Mario Kart, soon we'll have more information. There will probably be Kookcie food (for less than 5 euro), so you can roll out of lecture right into the FooBar to join us.

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Master Barbecue
By the board
  • Summer is almost here and as we are all slowly moving to the end of the academic year, going to exams, we need something to look forward to between all of the studying? Well, we got something! On June 20th starting at 18:00, the board is organising a barbecue at the FooBar! Yay! For the amazing price of just 5€ you can join us for some very good food and great company. And if you recently became a member of De Leidsche Flesch as a master's student, you can even join for free! So we wish you all a good exam period and we’ll hopefully see you on the 20th!

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Efteling Excursion
Are you also tired?
  • Tired of all those exams lately? Want to have a day of fun far away from the university? Then come to Efteling on Wednesday 21 June! The gates are open from 10 am and we can enjoy the many attractions that this magical place has to offer until 6 pm. Register now for only €29.50 and we'll buy you a ticket!

    You can register until 9 June at the latest, so register quickly! After you have registered, you can pick up your ticket in the FK from 12 to 20 June. If you cannot pick up your ticket on one of these days, please report this to the board.

    Until the 21st!

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Sailing Week
On the Frisian Lakes!
  • It's that time again, the sailing week is approaching! From August 28th to September 1st, we will explore the Frisian lakes and enjoy a relaxing sailing experience. Whether you are an experienced sailor or have never sailed before, this week offers everyone the opportunity to relax, chill out, and enjoy sailing on the Frisian lakes!

    Hurry up, as there are only 24 spots available! If you are an experienced sailor and are interested in becoming a skipper, send a text to Marnix (phone number in online almanac) but don't sign up via this sign up list! As a skipper you have priority on the sign up list.

    Furthermore there is an information evening on June 14th, so write that date down in your agenda!

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First Years' Weekend crew/mentor
Sign up as crew or mentor!
  • Maybe you're looking back with nostalgia on your own first year's weekend. Fortunately for you, it's also a lot of fun to be a mentor or crew! Would you like to help us with the first year on the weekend of 24 September? As a mentor, you and your duo mentor take care of more first years than you can emotionally handle. Luckily one is charmed quickly by the first years. As a crew, you help the mentors and first years slither through a lubed-up time maχine. You will help them with games, by setting things up and cleaning them afterward or laughing at a committee member crying while making smoothies. From Friday to Sunday afternoon, we will take care of your meals and ensure that you have a place to sleep on location. All of this for the low, low price of at most 20 euros!

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De Leidsche Flesch vereeuwigd
Verkoop van het eeuwboek van De Leidsche Flesch
  • PLEASE NOTE: This book is only available in Dutch. Please only buy it if you wish to practice your Dutch. Below a short description about the book.

    De Leidsche Flesch vereeuwigd is the century-book, written by the Historical Committee. It contains over 300 pages of history about the association, from the early days until recent history. It also contains interviews with 20 alumni and members of honour, telling stories about their time with the association. The book costs 7 euros for members and alumni. If you are alumnus, but are unable to log in on the website, please contact the board at The board will then help you log in.

  • You can enlist until: 25-04-2123 at 23:59