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Online Inhouseday Northpool
With a trading game!
  • You can buy or sell stocks or currencies when you expect their price to rise or fall. Why shouldn't this also be possible with energy? If you expect storms and a lot of wind energy to be generated, the price will drop. Northpool will then buy this energy so that it can be sold again at a higher price later. So what Northpool does is predict the weather with models and trade on that basis.

    On this online inhouseday, we will also do that on a small scale. After an explanation of how Northpool does this we will play a trading game to see if we would make a profit or a loss if we try it ourselves. So join on May 17th between 12:30 and 15:30 and beat the competition! Sign up to attend and fill in your adress to receive a participation gift!

  • You can enlist until: 17-05-2021 at 14:00

Locked down pubquiz
Do you feel the freedom already?
  • Do you feel the freedom yet? We're not there yet, so we're having a locked down pub quiz one more time. On Friday, May 21 at 7:45 PM in the DLF-Discord. Register your team and don't forget your face mask!

  • You can enlist until: 21-05-2021 at 18:00