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El Niño


Waldorpstraat 17Q, The Hague

Kuipersdijk 6C, Enschede

Who are we?

We are a group of technology fanatics who are always interested in using the latest technologies and software to develop kick-ass online solutions. No problem is unsolvable, and we are always eager to create solutions for people and businesses active in a great variety of markets.

Our core business

We develop custom web applications, Magento webshops, mobile applications (Android and iOS) and IOT solutions.

Our customers

Most of our customers are located close by (in and around Twente), but we also have customers located in the rest of The Netherlands, Belgium, England, Spain and Germany. These customers range from relatively small to large multi-nationals operating in various countries in the world.

Our technologies

We love technology and we love using well-known open source frameworks like Laravel, VueJS and Magento 2. All our products are run using Docker and we have our own managed Kubernetes hosting environment in which we can have tremendous flexibility in our development and deployment strategy. Everybody is more than welcome to play around with these frameworks and hosting environment and extend the boilerplates we have to improve the overall quality of our products.

Want to join our growing team?

We are always in the look out of new talent to help us build cool stuff! Whether you’re a student who just started, a master student or a starter, we have always a special place for you.

See for more information: (Dutch) or (English). You can always contact Michael on WhatsApp: +31626978392. Don’t worry he won’t bite!

For more information, have a look at the website