Board of Ægir

Since July 2015 De Leidsche Flesch got itself a manly subset, called Ægir. They describte theirselves as:

There is one thing that all men have in common: they want to feel completely manly! There was one nation that has elevated this, being a real man, to the next level. The Vikings! What man does not want to sail to exotic resorts, drink mead and beer, conquer treasures and now and then do some great stumps?! To help doing this the one and only manly subset of De Leidsche Flesch “Ægir” exists! Our goal is promoting the fraternization of manly members, preferably in a Norwegian fashion. Once a month we have a subsetdrink, we like to go to as many action movies and organise quite many barbecues and other activities. Would you like to feel like a real man? Come talk to us and don’t hesitate to sign up!

The board can be reached at aegirdb at

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