Laatst bewerkt: 12 September 2022

Northpool Data Scientist

(JUNIOR) Data Scientist

Do you like to be part of a company where data modelling really counts? Do you like to be part of a team where your analytical skills and developed models can directly be put into practice on the trading floor? Do you have the drive, spirit and high responsibility necessary for being part of a fast-moving trading environment? Then become a Junior Data Scientist at Northpool B.V.!


The key to success of a winning trade can be found in the fluid processing of the latest relevant data. As (Junior) Data Scientist you have a key role in this process. The gathering, structuring, and using of the data into models to be able to translate it into usable information for the traders is an essential part along the chain.

As a (Junior) Data Scientist your main focus will be designing, building and modelling Energy Trading Solutions to assist the traders beat the markets. You are responsible for creating new or optimizing existing trading models and visualize them for the traders to make the right decisions.

You will be using existing data pipelines or build new ones for developing sophisticated models which meet the high-performance requirements of the business.

First, you will find out what the business wants and needs. Then you will translate this to an end-to-end data science project and determine where we are going to need the data engineers (for data collection) and the energy analysts (for market knowledge). After you have made your model, you will then implement it on our low latency, real-time platform, getting your predictions to the traders asap.

Your challenge? Using your unique combination of social, analytical and programming skills, to convert the problem the business is having to a model that everyone is able to use.

Your goal? Making raw data into useful, easy to read insights which will be crucial in the decision-making process, to let the traders outperform in this competitive market.

As Junior Data Scientist you will first get to learn and understand our process flows of the data sources and will be educated to gain some basic knowledge of how the data is being used.

You will start in a team and get assigned to a project to optimize or develop a new model which will probably be used directly by the analysts and traders on the trading desk. To improve the learning experience, within the Data Scientist team, you start with frequent peer programming sessions in order to give you a start as smooth as possible. Having some programming skills, like for example Python, R or Matlab, as well as having a mathematical, statistical or modelling background is required, as these skills will be extensively used in your day to day work. Experience with data warehouses, real-time systems and Git is a plus, but otherwise you will get training along the way.


  • Drive to deliver solutions for the high-end trading environment

  • Good social and communication skills

  • Interests in working with large data sets

  • A strong responsibility

  • Experience with programming languages (e.g. Python, R or Matlab)

  • Good analytical skills


  • Experience with Git

  • Experience with model implementation

  • Knowledge of data warehouse and/or real-time system architectures

  • Experience with cloud solutions

  • Familiar with data visualization tools

  • Pro-active and flexible work mentality

  • Interest in trading


  • Training, continuous learning and development opportunities

  • Competitive compensation package

  • Annual performance-based bonus

  • A non-hierarchical workplace

  • Young and highly motivated teammates

  • Ownership in your work