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Company Profile

BCG is a renowned international strategy consulting firm. Our mission is to help leading corporations create and sustain competitive advantage by offering high-quality, company-specific advice. We work collaboratively with clients on projects that vary from mergers and acquisitions to reorganizations, from growth strategies to innovation.

BCG delivers expert advice in a number of Practice Areas including Consumer Goods, Retail, Financial Services, Industrial Goods, Energy, and High Technology. Our advice is always preceded by fact-based quantitative analysis. Our customer base is wide-ranging and includes multinational corporations, industry leaders and top management firms. We partner with clients from the private and public sector, as well as charities and not-for-profits.

BCG is the most successful and fastest-growing strategy consultant in the Netherlands. Our consultants are - at the same time - team players and thought leaders, creative and organized, ational and emotionally intelligent.

Helping our people to reach their full potential

The quality of our work is determined by the skills and capabilities of our people. At BCG you have the freedom to learn and to grow. From the very start, new hires are exposed to a wide range of clients and industries. This allows them to quickly develop broad insights into a variety of key business situations and challenges. When you join BCG, you will be supported and encouraged to collaborate or take ownership of a variety of tasks. You will be trusted with increasing levels of responsibility with each new project; invariably demanding more skills and knowledge than the previous one. Your skills will be honed though an extensive international training program delivered by industry experts, as well as vocational learning.