Beste Reizigersch Board

The subassociation Beste Reizigersch (literal translation to English: Dear Travellers) organises activities combining the topics of diversity and trains. We have a lot of LGBTQ+ members and come together a couple times a year for fun activities. Examples are true trainadventures like the monopolyrace, but also include simply watching a movie together or going as a group to events. Overall we are a close friend group.

Where does our name come from?
In 2017, there was the following news item:
Since then, train information has been broadcast to include all people on the train, rather than just the ladies and gentlemen.
This change is typical of our dispute, which is why we are called the Beste Reizigersch.

How can I apply to join the dispute?
Take part in our open activities and let us know you are interested, or speak to one of us in the corridors. Then we can put you in the interest group chat.

  • 2023 Over Enkele Minuten
  • 2021 Peron Geluk
Beste Reizigersch Board consists of the following members: