Pubquiz committee

The Pubquiz is the way to show your friends that you really can do more than solve these horrendous integrals. Whether your knowledge extends to Astrology, Morgan Freeman or the number 42, it doesn't matter, because all topics will be discussed.

Four or five times a year, the Pubquiz Committee organises an authentic pubquiz in the FooBar where teams of max. 6 contestants fight for the glorious first place. In order to win the pubquiz, you must answer questions about the most unpredictable subjects, beside the music, movie and picture rounds. Fortunately, there are questions for 'casuals', or for those who only come for fun. The winners will get honorary beer as a prize and there will be an applause for the second until last teams.

Would you rather share your knowledge with others? Or would you like to promote the term 'hellameter'? Or maybe you want to be responsible foor the most awesome event of De Leidsche Flesch. This is all possible of course, if you become a member of the Pubquiz Committee!

There was a Pubquiz Committee in these years:

  • 2023
  • 2022
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Pubquiz committee consists of the following members: