First Years' Trip Committee

The First-years studytrip committee organises the yearly First-years Study trip - a study trip made for first-year members. In this trip to a city in Europe that is relatively close to home, such as Berlin, Paris or London, study is combined with enjoyment of the city.

Several lectures, tours and museum visits are organised by the committee, but aside from that there is enough time to do some sight-seeing in the city. That way, you do not only get familiar with the different fields of study covered by the studies of De Leidsche Flesch, but you also get to know your fellow first-year students. The study trip is organised each year after the last exams of January are finished, which means you don't lose any time studying by going on this trip.

In previous years, the first-years studytrip went to:

  • 2023 Leeds en Sheffield
  • 2022 Bonn en Heidelberg
  • 2020 Hamburg en Hannover
  • 2019 Londen en Oxford
  • 2018 Parijs
First Years' Trip Committee consists of the following members: